Liebster Award Questions

These are the questions  have set for my lovely Liebster Award nominees, Natasha Knight, Bella Bryce, Abigail Armani and Renee Rose. If anyone else fancies answering them too, please feel free!

1. Do you make New Years Resolutions? How did this year's go?

2. What is your earliest memory?

3. Would you ever have plastic surgery? What would you have done?

4. What's your most recent earworm?

5. Do you have any superstitions that you have to follow?

6. What would you eat at your last meal?

7. Did you write as a child? What sort of things did you write?

8. Who is your hero?

9. Do you have any recurring dreams?

10. If I were a visitor to your home town for a day, what would your recommend I see and do?

11. Describe your perfect holiday.

Have fun, everyone! Let me know when you have posted your answers.

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