Sunday, 10 May 2020

The Sex Symposium - A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon

Yesterday I went to my first ever online Sex Symposium. It was in fact my first ever Sex Symposium full stop. Online or otherwise. Come to think of it, it is probably the first event I've ever attended in my life that was called a "symposium". Usually, I'm just not that classy.

Plato's Symposium. The Sex Symposium was just like this except it was on Zoom.

The event was hosted by Tinted Blu, the sex and lifestyle blog and was a three hour treat full of sex advice, positivity and orgasms. Well, discussions about orgasms, anyway. If any of the panellists were actually orgasming at the time, then they were being terribly discreet about it.

Among other things, there was an introduction from Renee Denyer of Sh! and Dolly, a speaker from Sexplain, the inclusive and comprehensive sex education site. There was also the aforementioned orgasm discussion during a panel called, appropriately enough, 'Orgasm!'

The first panel discussion was on 'Lockdown Sex' which is a broad-ranging subject given that some couples are too stressed to even think about sex at the moment, some are at it like rabbits because it's their favourite indoor hobby, and some people, like me, are separated from their sex partners and haven't touched anybody else's genitalia for over two months.

My favourite panel discussion was the 'Alternative Sex' one because it focused more on things that are bit kinky and if you know me at all, you'll know that I'm all about the kink. The panel consisted of the fabulous Girl on the Net, Brighton sex shop and dungeon owner, Calandra Balfour and Tabitha Rayne, erotic author and sex toy inventor.

And can I just say what a marvellous thing "Sex Toy Inventor" must be to put on your CV. Or, like, give as your profession to John Humphrys during your introduction on 'Mastermind'. In fact, the best thing about that scenario is that Tabitha's toy, the Ruby Glow, is designed to be used while sitting down so you could totally use it while sitting on the Mastermind chair.

Might make answering the questions a bit trickier though

The panel discussed audio porn, online strip clubs, virtual orgies and the importance of sourcing ethical porn among many other things. Honestly, I could have listened to them for hours.

And if you want some ethical porn by the way, the two sites which were recommended were and Girl on the Net wrote an excellent article the other day about the ridiculous situation that has arisen from the existence of Porn Hub and why people now expect for free something that clearly costs money to make. She uses coffee shops as an analogy and I really recommend you read it. I don't use Porn Hub myself because, weirdly, it never occurs to me to watch porn videos. ("You mean you can see the sex instead of reading about it? Crazy!")

Now, I want to seek out and pay for ethical porn. I feel like doing so would help make the world a better place.

Buy porn!
The Sex Symposium was a great way to spend a locked down Saturday afternoon. A fabulous collection of warm, witty, knowledgeable sex-positive women who were happy to give their time talking about all things pleasurable.

Huge thanks to Sherryl from Tinted Blu who hosted it and everyone who took the time to organise it and share their experiences.

Learning new things is always good. Learning new things about sex is even better. And my "Sex Toys I Want To Try" list has just got longer.

Tongue Vibrators! I had no idea they were a thing.

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  1. What a brilliant post! Thank you so much for the mention - I really enjoyed the whole afternoon - it absolutely flew by! I'm in awe of Sherryl from Tinted Blu for hosting so beautifully :)
    And thank you so much for reminding me about the tongue vibrator :D I knew there was something I had forgotten... x x x