Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Splendid Isolation

We are living, as the apocryphal Chinese curse says, in interesting times. "Interesting" as in simultaneously terrifying and really quite boring. Because, it turns out, that the heroic thing to do in the Covid-19 crisis is to stay home and not get up to much.

I live with both my elderly parents so I am taking this social distancing shit seriously. The limitations I am imposing on my movements are getting revised on a daily basis. Only a couple of days ago, I believed that seeing my boyfriend and going to AA meetings (I am a recovering alcoholic) were 'essential'. Now I'm of the opinion that they're probably not.

I am staying holed up away from the outside world for as long as I have to because right now 'over-reaction' is not a word in my vocabulary. If, a few months down the line, we can look back on this and say that we all over-reacted, well, that's the best possible outcome.

And luckily the shops hadn't totally run out of face masks.

But it's all under constant review, as I said, my primary motivation here is the well-being of my parents. But I do have to accept that if too much isolation means I end up bonkers and/or drunk then that's not a great outcome for my parents either.

I am in an incredibly fortunate position. I work as a software developer and working from home is not even slightly a problem. I live in a nice house with amazing cats, books to write, and enough tea to see me through any crisis. (Happily, I have been inadvertently stockpiling tea for years.)

I know that not everybody is so lucky. But, right now, just staying put seems like the best thing I can do for everyone.

There's no real point to this post but it seemed weird to be posting spanky stuff without at least acknowledging the Corona threat.

Normal spanky spank stuff will resume from tomorrow with not one, but two five star book reviews for me to get excited about.

Any real-life spank stuff is off the menu for a while. I am going to cancel a booking boyfriend and I have for a BDSM dungeon for my birthday next week. It's a shame because, let's face it BDSM places are always the most scrupulously anti-bacced places you can go to. But sadly, it's not something that even I can claim is 'essential'.

So my spank life will be a virtual one. I have a whole host of books on my 'to read' pile and I'm looking forward to working my way through them.

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