Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Book Review - Daddy Shark by Maren Smith

He's not actually that big. That'd be impractical.


Five Stars!

There are some superhero powers which really lend themselves to being a Daddy Dom. Super strength would be a great one. Or mind-reading. Kinda turning into a shark, though? Hmmm, not so much.

Shark-like transformation, though, is the super-power that Daddy Shark’s hero Ommin has been blessed with. The poor lad has spent a lifetime not feeling comfortable in his (sometimes shark-like) skin and has hidden away rather than embracing his magical fish powers.

This is not what Ommin looks like.

Happily, as our story starts, Ommin bravely – and very publicly – saves a man’s life and suddenly everybody wants to know all about him. This brings him into the path of the very delightful Britney, a junior reporter on a local radio station.

There is a lot of wonderfully written Dommy sex ‘n’ spanks in this book. Maren Smith is very good at this sort of thing. Ommin’s expert Domming skills are even more impressive given that at the start of the book, he is a complete novice in all things BDSM. He’s obviously a natural at it though. It turns out that fish transformation isn’t Ommin’s only super-power.

Nor is this.
For all its outlandish superhero antics (and I haven’t even mentioned Ommin’s friend Liquidman yet), this book actually provides one of the most down-to-earth and realistic depictions of someone learning about the BDSM lifestyle.

Inspired by a tell-tale indicator of Britney’s kinky preferences, Ommin takes to the internet to do some research. This might be the first erotic novel I’ve read that directly references Fetlife. (And I’ve read hundreds of the things, believe me.) Maren Smith also cheekily throws in references to fellow authors like Allysa Hart, Rayanna Jamison and Maggie Ryan, whose book blurbs Ommin uses as part of his research.

What the dickens is going on with this one's legs? No wonder he's cross.
The romance between Ommin and Britney ignites quickly and soars like a rocket. They are clearly a very good fit for one another. The chemistry between the two is beautifully drawn and the dialogue is very, very funny. Supporting character Jim (the aforementioned Liquidman) is a brilliant addition to the cast. Every scene he is in is hilarious.

Of course, this is a superhero story. And inevitably, Ommin and Britney’s D/s time gets interrupted more than they’d like by “Superhero needed to save the day”-type business. Goes with the territory, you see. Throughout the book, Ommin really grows into his role. He transforms from hermit-like self-conscious ‘freak’ to super-cool confident day-saver. This is in no small way down to Britney’s encouragement and support.

This is absolutely the last Manshark picture. I promise.
You know that he will save the day. You don’t mess with the Sharkman. Or his sassy little submissive.

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