Monday, 16 September 2019

She's back!

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I am very happy. I finished a book. I submitted it for publication. And it's been accepted! Now I am just impatient for publication to happen.

I took a break from writing for several years. My brain was not in a great place. I am a lot saner now and the one of the ways you can tell that my brain is functioning as it supposed to is that writing smutty spanky fiction has become a pleasure again.

It will probably be a while before my new book - The Liberation of Miss X - hits the virtual bookshelves. In the mean time, enjoy the little snippet below.

William fixed his eye on Flora. “Rewarded, eh? Well, I must say that now she’s got you in this room, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity. Come here. Let’s get that dress off you.”

A few minutes ago, if she had been asked, Flora would have said that she wanted nothing more than to explore this well-equipped room with William. But now, for some reason, she stood frozen to the spot.

“I do not expect to have to repeat myself, Flora. Come here.”

Still Flora did not move.

“Very well. I shall count to ten. If you are not standing in front of me by the time I finish, then I promise that you are going to be one very sorry little girl. One, two, three…”

Something about the act of William counting spurred Flora into action. She hadn’t meant to disobey William but the situation was so unusual that she had found herself unable to act. But she found that she did not want William to reach ten in his counting. She did not want to disappoint him. His clear orders and stern threat ensured that her legs started working properly again.

“Good girl,” said William approvingly once Flora was stood in front of him. His words filled her with a warmth that she could not begin to describe. She so wanted to be his good girl.

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