Monday, 24 June 2019

"I intend to chastise her severely"

I mentioned yesterday that I am currently working on a book. I thought I'd share a bit of it with you. It is tentatively called 'Fair Play' but that might well change because I am rubbish at titles.

London. 1890. Flora Taylor's world changes when her brother and his lover are arrested for Gross Indecency. Luckily their good friend and solicitor William Beech is ready to defend them against the charges. As Flora gets to know Mr Beech better, she discovers the Spider Club and an exciting BDSM underworld that appeals to all the desires she has kept hidden for so long.

It's a M/F romance/ But there's a bit of F/F spanky action too when one of the Spider Club regulars, Lady Jevington, decides that she is need of some serious discipline.

Lady Jevington strode into the drawing room with a thunderous look upon her face. She addressed
William: “Sir, your submissive has been making too free with her tongue and saying things she ought not.”

Flora was quick to reply. “Lady Jevington, please forgive me. I should not have mentioned you by name during the trial. I am truly sorry.”

“Silence, child. I am talking to your Master,” snapped Lady Jevington. “Mr B, I demand that you hand your charge over to me so that I may take her in hand.”

“What do you intend to do with her?” asked William.

“I intend to chastise her severely. She will have the punishment of her life. She obviously requires harsh discipline to ensure that she never commits such an error again.”

“Madame, I will not have my submissive hit in anger.”

Lady Jevington’s furious expression melted away in a moment and a warm smile took its place. “My dears, I am only playing of course. That’s all this ever is - a delightful game. I don’t care that my name has been mentioned in connection with the Ravener Trial. I am rich enough and independent enough to withstand the scandal. In fact, I rather think the notoriety will increase my social standing.”

Flora let out an audible breath.

“However,” continued Lady Jevington, the hardness creeping back into her voice. “This was not your submissive’s decision to make. I alone should have decided when I wished to my proclivities public. That control was taken away from me and I want it back. I want to punish Miss X. It won’t be done in anger. It will be calm, measured and done with a great deal of affection. I am very fond of the girl. She needs this correction for her own good.” Lady Jevington turned to Flora and addressed her directly. “As I said, my dear, it is just a game. But it is a game I take very seriously. I play hard.”

The book isn't quite finished yet but hopefully, you won't have too long to wait. In the mean time, you could always go and check out some of my existing books. Happy reading!

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