Friday, 21 June 2019

Book Review - Rafe the Guardian by Laurel Joseph

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Rafe the Guardian
Lots of Spanky Fun!

I really enjoyed Rafe the Guardian. I think I have been reading a lot of quite dense, plot-heavy spanking stories lately. Ones where there are lots of hurdles to be overcome and anguish to be dealt with before the hero could get on with the necessary business of putting the heroine of his lap for a good spanking.

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Less angst, More spanking, people!
So this story was a breath of fresh air, I can tell you. Plot development is kept to a minimum in order to free up the most amount of time for wall-to-wall spankings.

The poor women in this book! Their arses have barely had the chance to cool from the last spanking before they're upended and being spanked all over again. It's great.

Our primary protagonists are Rafe, a retired lawman, and Mandy, the freshly orphaned daughter of a notorious outlaw. Rafe has been elected to take care of eighteen year old Mandy until she turns twenty-one. Her chaotic upbringing means that she doesn't have the manners or the temperament that Rafe would prefer so a LOT of spankings ensue. Mandy gets her bottom roasted almost within minutes of meeting her new guardian.

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Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Repeatedly. On the bare.

Mandy isn't the only lady getting her bottom spanked in this book. Rafe's sister, Katie is also at the receiving end of some very hands-on discipline from her new husband, Wes.

Then we meet Rafe's parents and his two brothers and, blimey, it turns out that the whole family's at it. Seems like the men in that family are attracted to the sort of women who need a good spanking and happily they're all very keen to deliver it.

The book is fast paced and often very funny. The characters are well-drawn and there are several surprises as we get to know them all better. The romance between Rafe and his ward is very sweetly done. Which is great because Rafe might have a very hard hand but you know that he's an absolute sweetie really.

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