Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Return both of and to Corbin's Bend

There is big exciting news for fans of the multi-author fictional spanking community-based series, Corbin's Bend. It's coming back! Oh yes, indeedy.

It was on the internet and everything.
And to get us all in the mood for more Colorado-based DD deliciousness, Blushing Books have re-released all the original Corbin's Bend novels as box sets. Available for your reading pleasure are:


I'm going to focus on the second book, Return to Corbin's Bend, because that's the one that has my book, East End Girl, in it. And, you know me. I'm all about shameless self-promotion.

Wouldn't this book look perfect on your virtual coffee table?
East End Girl is the story of Kirsty Logan who ups sticks from London and moves 3000 miles to Colorado in pursuit of the perfect spanky lifestyle in Corbin's Bend. It doesn't work out quite as she expects and she struggles to fit in. Her self-destructive behaviour threatens her whole future in the community. But the lovely spankos of Corbin's Bend - and one especially lovely spanko in particular - help her to find herself. Not entirely through the medium of spanking, I hasten to add. But there are a lot of spankings in it. I know you expect nothing less.

The especially lovely spanko's name is Logan.
There are seven other amazing books in this collection by amazing authors like Constance Masters, Tara Finnegan and Maren Smith. I have reviewed the books in this collection here. And here. Also here. I talk about this series a lot, to be honest.

So while we all twiddle our thumbs in impatient expectation for the next Corbin's Bend arrivals, reacquaint yourselves with the heroes and heroines, spankers and spankees, Heads of Household and Takens in Hand of Corbin's Bend.

And if you haven't read any Corbin's Bend yet. My goodness, you have a lot of catching up to do.

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