Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Lord Westbrook

This is my 'L' post for the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge. "What's that?" you ask. Check out my page here for more information and a list of all the wonderful bloggers taking part.

Lord Robert Westbrook
(Well, actually it's Byron but you, know he can be Lord Westbrook in my head. He's got the frowning right)

The character Lord Westbrook made his initial appearance in my second book Lady Westbrook's Discovery as the elder son of widowed Lady Westbrook.

His main role in the book is to grumpily disapprove of his mother's marriage to a much younger man. Felix Oliver, his mother's soon-to-be-husband considers Lord Westbrook to be a 'pompous twerp'.

I felt a bit sorry for grumpy Lord Westbrook though. I wanted to make him happy. So in my second Westbrook book, Lord Westbrook's Muse, I introduced him to beautiful and unconventional Cass and the two of them start a passionate affair. They have a few trials and tribulations to get through before they reach their Happily Ever After. But they get there in the end. And finally the grumpy old bugger cheers up a bit.

Robert woke the next morning feeling wonderful. He could not remember the last time he had slept so well. 
Was it because of the time he had spent yesterday with Miss Glen? He rather thought it was. He had no idea what had possessed him to spank her the way he did. Well, clearly she had put the idea into his head but making her bend over the bed while he administered a spanking to her bare backside was clearly outrageous behaviour. He had shocked himself by doing it. 
When he had concluded the spanking, his senses had come back to him. He looked at the girl bent over in front of him – practically a stranger, a houseguest of his mother’s for goodness sake and wondered what on earth he had done. When she had turned to face him from her prostrate position over the footboard, he had expected to see retribution in her eyes. Or fear. Instead her eyes were unmistakably full of pure lust. That had done for him. Even baser urges had taken over and he had ravished the poor girl, robbing her of her virginity in the process. 
And yet... he hadn’t exactly taken her against her will. At every point she had willed him to continue. Had she put up any resistance, he would have stopped. And that comment about losing her virginity being expedient... it was as though she had intended the whole thing to happen. 
He didn’t know whether he was supposed to feel anger at her manipulation or guilt at his own but in fact he felt neither of those things. He felt happy. It was such an odd sensation that he wasn’t even sure what to make of it. He didn’t want to question the happy glow of warmth he felt inside, in case it should cause it to go entirely. 

Come for the grumpiness. Stay for the spankings.

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