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I Love You

This is my 'I' post for the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge. "What's that?" you ask. Check out my page here for more information and a list of all the wonderful bloggers taking part.

Yeah, you've got one too many letters there, squire. Are you taking this game of Scrabble seriously or what?
"I love you". Three little words with a colossal amount of significance in romantic novels. Probably in real life too, if you aren't a cynical unromantic curmudgeon like me.

When I searched for the phrase on my Kindle, I discovered that the Corbin's Bend Valentine's Collection Love in the Rockies had an impressive number of "I love you"s within its covers.

So here you go, let's get soppy and romantic and enjoy some Valentine-y snippets from the world's very best spanking community.

Valentine's Surprise - Constance Masters
Zach kept smacking for a couple more minutes.  “I love you. I want you to have some fun. Do you think that’s going to be possible?” He smacked the creases where her bottom met her thighs. 
Erin nodded miserably, tears streaming down her face. “I’ll-ll try.” 
Zach helped her to stand and pulled her into his arms, kissing her lightly. “Good girl. Go and wash your face.” 

Pinning her with one hand, he rested his injured leg around her thighs and stilled her fighting. “Do you want to safeword?” 
“No,” she murmured. “No.” 
Roy lifted her robe, exposing the long flannel nightie she’d worn in deference to the cold night. He caressed her bottom through its softness. “I love you so much.” He folded the nightgown up to expose her bare buttocks. Teri never slept in panties. One of her many good points.

 Past Interference - Kathryn R Blake
He drew back to gaze at her. “Do you have doubts?” 
Her shoulders rose in a casual shrug. “Only a couple of thousand of them.” 
“That you love me?” 
She cupped his face. “No. No. No. I love you wholly, completely and entirely, but I don’t understand how you could love me. I’m damaged goods.” 
Frowning, he gave her nose a tap. “We’ve discussed this, Elly. Many times. You were not at fault for your divorce or the things your husband did.” 
“I know, but – ” 
“No, Elly. There are no buts in this. I love you. I have loved you since the first day I watched you playing in the dog park with your tiny ball of yipping fluff. You, my fragile angel, are the closest thing to perfection I will ever know and I intend to spend the rest of my life proving it to you.”

 Unexpected Surprises - Ruth Staunton
Without asking, Grant – bless him – had gone into the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine. 
When he set it on the table in front of her, she smiled up at him. “I knew there was a reason I love you.” 
“That’s a good thing,” he told her, tipping her chin up and dropping a kiss on her lips, “because I love you too. 
“Gross,” Kathleen squawked good-naturedly. “Get a room.”

 Knowing What She Wants - Thianna D
“Hey.” Char’s voice had a quality he was well aware of. She was stressed, pissed and trying to hide it from their little girl. 
“Happy Valentine’s Day, honey,” he said warmly. “A third of the community is still without power, but the power company assures us it’ll be on by noon.” 
“And you’ll be home then?” 
“I will. I’ve got plans.” 
A soft laugh crossed the line. “I love you, Brent Carmichael. Sometimes, I wonder why but I do love you.” 
Grinning, he leaned back in his chair. “You love me for my hard hand and the fact I can make you laugh. Admit it.” 
A real laugh tinkled in his ear. “You got me. I miss you today. We’re never apart on Valentine’s Day.”

So guess which is the ONLY story in the collection that doesn't contain the phrase "I love you"? Yup, that'd be my contribution The Perfect Housewife.

It's not that my protagonists don't love one another, you understand. They are clearly very much in love. As I hope the following excerpt from the end of the book demonstrates. They just choose to use slightly different language to communicate their love for one another.

The Perfect Housewife - Etta Stark 
Logan ran his hand through his hair agitatedly. “Aw hell, I was going to wait until after dinner but there’s no way I can stand the suspense that long.” 
“What on earth are you…” began Kirsty and then gave a squeak of surprise as Logan got down on one knee in front of her and pulled a small square box from his pants pocket. 
“Kirsty,” he said. “I hope this isn’t too sudden for you. I know we’ve only just moved in together but I also know that you’re the most amazing person I have ever met and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you.” He opened the box revealing a white gold diamond ring and took a deep breath. “Will you marry me?” 
“Holy fucking shit,” gasped Kirsty. 
Logan quirked an eyebrow. “’Holy fucking shit’? Is that your answer?” 
“No!” blurted Kirsty. “I mean, no, it isn’t my answer not no, I won’t marry you. Because I totally will do that.” 
“So that’s a ‘yes’?” asked Logan, still looking a little unsure. 
“Of course it’s a fucking yes, you idiot!” said Kirsty gleefully. “Give me my ring!” 
Logan stood and, smiling, slipped the ring onto the third finger of Kirsty’s left hand. “So when our grandchildren ask about how we decided to get married, am I going to tell them that your considered response was ‘Of course it’s a fucking yes, you idiot’?”

I am however making a note to include the words "I love you" in my current works in progress. It's a lovely phrase and should be used as much as possible.

Love in the Rockies. Not just for Valentine's Day

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  1. Yeah, I don't see your characters doing anything expected, like promising to love and cherish forever, at least not without a swear word or two tossed in for color.