Saturday, 6 June 2015

Find The Words Among All The Other Letters Type Puzzle Thing!

This is my 'F' post for the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge. "What's that?" you ask. Check out my page here for more information and a list of all the wonderful bloggers taking part.
Yeah, I know I could have waited until W day and used the rather more elegant title 'Wordsearch' but you know what, I am too damn excited to wait!

Because today, my lovely readers and I am sharing with you the most awesome and amazing word search puzzle YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. Guaranteed.

Click to get a bigger version
Inspired by Fiesta's wordsearch puzzle mention in my Convenience Store Pornography post the other day, I decided to create one of my own.

That little (well, massive) beauty up there contains the names of the ALL the bloggers taking part in the A to Z Spanking Challenge.

Not only that but it also contains the names of ten different types of spanking implements AND the word 'spanking' ten times because, well, it is my favourite word you know.

If any of you actual want to tackle this monstrous beast of a wordsearch puzzle, click on the image above to see a bigger version, then print it out and have at it with  highlighters.  Or if you would like me to email you a copy, let me know at If you send me your postal address, I'll even post you a copy because no-one gets any fun post these days.

Any completed puzzles received will definitely result in AWESOME PRIZES for the lucky winner. I'll give you until the end of July to send your results in because I know we're all super busy this month.

(Quick note: If you get a result that seems almost - but not entirely - correct, then that's probably right. I am fairly slipshod about these things)

Here's the full list of the names and words to search for:

A Little Bit of Naughty
ABC challenge
All Things Spanking
Anastasia Vitsky
Ashe Barker
Blondies Blog
Blushing Books
Bree Cariad
Bryony Kildare
Cara Bristol
Casey McKay
Celeste Jones
Classical Marriage in a Modern World
Corbins Bend
Corinne Alexander
Courage Knight
David S. Holly
Disciplined Behaviour
Erzabets Enchantments
Etta Stark
Felicity Nichols Reviews
Helen Karol
Holla Dean
Incessantly Spanked
Jami Denise
Jaye Peaches
Joelle Casteel
Kayla Lords
Kelly Dawson
Kira Barcelo
Leigh Smith
Livia Grant
Maddie Taylor
Maggie Ryan
Measha Stone
Megan Michaels
Morganna Williams
My journey into submission
Ravyn Rayne
Rayanna Jamison
Renee Rose
Ruth Staunton
Stevie MacFarlane
Sue Lyndon
Tabitha Black
Tabitha Black
The Cover Artisan
Vagina Antics

Riding Crop
Wooden Spoon

And of course, ALL the spankings!

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