Saturday, 21 March 2015

Saturday Spankings - “I’m like a dowdy, old maid.”

Birthday spanks!
You know how ladies over a certain age refuse to acknowledge their age? I have never been one of those ladies. It's my birthday next Wednesday. I LOVE birthdays,  I'm going to be 41. My forties have so far been totally fucking awesome. I fully expect them to get better,

In fact any of you who are in commutable distance of my house (in the general vicinity of London)  on the 25th March should get in touch. There will be tea and cake and chat and booze and stuff. (Email me

I don't, I realise, have any birthday-related snippets in my books. I do, however have an excerpt from the end of Lady Westbrook's discovery where our heroine ruminates on her own mortality.Nobody wants to grow old.

She climbed into the large bathtub, sitting in front of him and leaning back onto his firm chest.
“I’m afraid the bathwater’s not that hot any more,” said Felix. “It was a lot hotter earlier before you tempted me with your wanton desires.” 
Margaret laughed. “I think you’ll find that you were quite happy to – Oh no!” The last two words were said with such a tone of distress that Felix felt his heart immediately begin to quicken. 
“What is it?” he asked.
“Look!” Margaret held up her hands a couple of inches apart, the thumb and forefinger of each hand were pinched as though she were holding something thin and invisible.
“What am I looking at here, exactly?”
“It’s a grey hair!”
Felix peered closer. Sure enough held between the fingers of each hand was a single strand of silvery white hair. He chuckled. 
“Don’t laugh!” snapped Margaret crossly, hitting behind her in Felix’s general direction, causing the water to splash around them both. “I’m like a dowdy, old maid.”
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  1. 41 is practically a baby. Happy Birthday. Love the snippet, have a great day.

  2. Finding your first silver hair is the worst! I hope you have a wonderful birthday on Wednesday!!

  3. awww grey hair. That is a cute scene. And happy early birthday!