Saturday, 14 February 2015

Spanky Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Well, those of you who celebrate it, anyway. Of course the really cool people don't bother with the consumerist celebration  of romantic cliches headed by the Patron Saint of beekeepers and epileptics.

Why yes, I am single. What was your first clue?

I forgot to sign up to Saturday Spankings this week because I am rubbish. Especially rubbish this week given that Valentine's Day is the best day possible to mention Love In The Rockies, the Valentines Day-themed Corbin's Bend boxset featuring stories by Constance Masters, Kate Richards, Thianna D, Kathryn R Blake and Ruth Staunton. And me, of course.

All the stories in the collection feature characters from previous Corbin's Bend books and are all themed on Valentines Day. So it's pretty much beekeeping and epilepsy all the way.

If you haven't read it yet, go on and buy it now. You deserve it. It can be a Valentine's gift to yourself. Everyone knows they're the very best kind of Valentine gifts.

Not only is there Love In The Rockies to get you all Valentinesy and Corbin's Bendsy, there's also a lovely Corbin's Bend story My Charming Valentine by Maggie Ryan which right now costs absolutely zero dollars to purchase (that's equal to zero pounds in British money, UK readers.)

Of course, some people choose to spend Valentine's Day doing this sort of thing.
Which is fine if you're into naked kissing. Can't see the appeal myself.

So let's have a snippet from The Perfect Housewife, my contribution to the collection featuring Kirsty and Logan from East End Girl.

This takes place about a week before Valentine's Day. Kirsty is about to be punished.
Logan sat down on the edge of the bed and beckoned Kirsty towards him. She stood in front of him her eyes nervously darting to the paddle which lay on the bed. Logan grabbed hold of the back of Kirsty’s thighs and pulled her closer. He unbuttoned the tight black pants she was wearing and then pulled down the zipper. He yanked her pants down to her knees and then pushed her panties down to meet them. 
“Lie over my lap,” he commanded. 
Kirsty awkwardly positioned herself over his knees, the clothing bunched at her knees making it difficult to maneuver herself. 
Once she was over, Logan pushed her head down further towards the ground so that her butt was raised high in the air. “I’m going to give you twelve swats,” he told her. “I want you to count them out loud.” 
Kirsty gave the smallest of nods and within seconds the first swat of the paddles came crashing down on her naked backside. “One,” she said. 
“One, sir.” said Logan. 
“One, sir,” said Kirsty. Logan had never insisted that she call him ‘sir’ before but given the position she was currently in, she wasn’t about to argue with him. 
A second blow came swiftly down forcefully hitting the other cheek. “Two, sir,” said Kirsty, gasping slightly. The paddle didn’t just hurt where it struck her flesh, the pain seemed to right down to her bones. She wondered how on earth she was going to withstand ten more. Logan brought the paddle swiftly down on the lower part of her buttocks. The force of the swat brought tears to Kirsty’s eyes and she instinctively gripped hold of Logan’s leg. It took a moment for her to manage to get any words out at all. When the pain had subsided just enough for her to speak, she counted the blow as she had been told to. “Three, sir.” 
Come on, you can do this, she reassured herself, you’ve had worse spankings before

Have a wonderful Saturdays, everyone, doing whatever it is that makes you happiest. Personally, I'm just happy that I've managed to avoid being told off by Corbin's Bend author-wrangler, Thianna D. I'm not sure what the consequences would have been for failing to mention Love in The Rockies on Valentines Day but given the woman's taste in paddles, I really don't think I would be willing to risk finding out.

It's called the tenderizer. For obvious reasons.

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