Saturday, 13 December 2014

Saturday Spankings - "Girls who complain don’t deserve to come"

Saturday Spankings!

Good morning Spankos and apologies to anyone who got here early and just got my placeholder post. I am being phenomenally crap about getting Saturday Spankings up in time these days.

It's only eight(ish) sentences! It really shouldn't be beyond me.

So, here you go, a bit of Corbin's Bend filthiness from Kirsty and Logan. Currently Kirsty is facedown on the bed, legs apart having her pussy spanked by Logan. A situation she is finding both arousing and frustrating.

“Oh god, Logan,” she screamed. “I thought you wanted to fuck me!”Logan stopped spanking and paused for a moment before replying. “Was that a complaint?” he asked. 
“No, no!” gasped Kirsty, she turned round to look at him, to try to gauge how serious that stern tone was. He didn’t look angry. He was unbuttoning his jeans and smiling slightly as he looked straight into her eyes. 
“Good. Because I’m not going to tolerate complaints. Girls who complain don’t deserve to come. If you’re going to tell me what to do, I might just come in your pretty mouth and not let you orgasm at all.” 
“No, please…” whimpered Kirsty, utterly turned on by the way he was speaking to her. It was so unlike how he spoke to her the rest of the time. I like dominant Logan, she thought.  He’s filthy.

More filthiness inside!

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  1. oh and what is this teasing emptiness of posting, Etta? :D

    1. Aargh! I'm sorry. That was, as you may have gathered, something of a holding post. Proper post with spanky excerpt is now up.

    2. oo the lines are well worth reading your place holder post last night. Logan does sound way hot!

  2. Like being with two different guys - and that can be hot too.

  3. Naughty nasties are the best kind of retorts during kinky sex. Thanks for sharing,

  4. Hot excerpt. Thanks for sharing it

  5. Logan sounds like a hottie. Nice!

  6. Yummy spanking snippet, well done!

  7. ooh, I like dominant logan, too!! can't wait to read this one!