Saturday, 15 November 2014

Saturday Spankings - “It is I who should be thanking you”

Time for a Spanking!

The lovely and amazing Renee Rose wrote the most wonderful review of Lord Westbrook's Muse for Spanking Romance Reviews last week. If you haven't already read it, I urge you to go and read it after reading this weeks spanky snippet. Or before. Or instead of. Just make sure you do.

It really is a terrific review. Renee finishes it off by saying

"Etta Stark in an author to be watched – her intelligent portrayal of characters and plot are beyond compare in the spanking genre." 

This is possibly the nicest thing anyone's said about me ever. And this is Renee Rose saying it, people. She's a lady who certainly knows her way round a well-written spanking romance.

There's an excerpt from the book in Renee's review and because I really, really want you to go and read it, (have I mentioned that?) this week's spanky snippet is the bit that happens directly afterwards.

The noises she was making in her pleasure were quite loud but she was powerless to stop them even if she had wanted to. Lord Westbrook’s finger still pressed against her kernel causing her orgasm to go on for what seemed like forever. This was a hundred times better than anything she had managed to achieve on her own she thought when she was finally able to think of anything at all.
She smiled at Lord Westbrook who was watching her intently. “Thank you,” she said quietly. 
“It is I who should be thanking you,” Lord Westbrook replied kissing her softly on the lips.  Cass found herself surprised by his tenderness. She had worried briefly that he would be appalled by her wanton behaviour and throw her out the moment he had had his way with her but that didn’t seem to be the way of it at all. Their lovemaking seemed to have thawed his cool demeanour.

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  1. A very enticing snippet, Etta. On my TBR and I promise I'll get to it soon now that my work schedule is under control again.

  2. I LOVED Cas and Lord Westbrook. They were the cutest couple! :-)

  3. Very nice and what a great review! I've never heard it called a kernel - learned a new word. :)

  4. I enjoyed this book very much. Cass & Lord Westbrook are a great match!

  5. Great snippet, and a lovely cover too. Had a great day yesterday hanging out with you in Manchester. Missing those hugs already

  6. Such a tender moment, lovely to read.

  7. Lovely snippet Etta and a wonderful review, very well deserved :)