Saturday, 22 November 2014

Saturday Spankings - Discussing Domestic Discipline

It's like she never learns.

Happy Saturday, spankos! Corbin's Bend-flavoured Saturday Spanking this week.

We are now four books in to the awesome second season of Corbin's Bend. Constance Master's The One She Loves has just been released. I can't wait to read it.

A pretty prodigious bunch of authors to be hanging around with.

And the very next Corbin's Bend book to be released will be mine! Well, technically the very next Corbin's Bend book to be released will be the Thanksgiving special "Other Uses For a Wooden Spoon" but the very next Corbin's Bend book which isn't a cookery book, will be my very own East End Girl.
Here's the blurb:
Kirsty Beale wants a fresh start. She’s quit her life in London and moved five thousand miles to start a new one in Corbin’s Bend, Colorado – the world’s only spanking-based community. As a lifelong spanko, Kirsty thinks Corbin’s Bend is the perfect place for her but the reality doesn’t match her dreams and she struggles to fit into her new suburban environment. Reluctant to get involved in community life she dismisses her new neighbors as ‘boring’. With one exception. 
Fellow newcomer Logan Barrett is good looking, funny, and occasionally dominant in a way that Kirsty can’t decide if she finds sexy or annoying. Logan moved to Corbin’s Bend hoping to find a sweet, old-fashioned girl, willing to submit to domestic discipline. Kirsty who drinks heavily, smokes and swears like a sailor is pretty much the opposite of his idea of the perfect woman. Yet despite their differences, Logan and Kirsty can’t deny the attraction they have for one another. 
Logan hopes to bring stability into Kirsty’s chaotic life but Kirsty’s increasingly out-of-control behavior might just jeopardize her whole future at Corbin’s Bend.
And here's a tantalising little snippet to get all you excited. Not long to wait, now.

In the excerpt below, Logan and Kirsty have been discussing the idea of having a Domestic Discipline lifestyle (as opposed to just enjoying sexy spanking shenanigans as they are currently are). Kirsty is sceptical.
When Logan had proposed putting some rules in place, Kirsty had asked whether these were rules he expected her to follow or rules he expected her to break. 
“I’d expect you to follow them,” he’d said. “That’s the point.” 
“See, that’s the bit I don’t get. I can accept the idea that there are these old-fashioned households where the Head of the Household lays down the law and expects his wife and kids to do what they’re told or suffer the consequences. The thing is, if the consequences of breaking the rules are a spanking, then surely that only works if a spanking is an actual deterrent. The threat is meaningless in a spanko relationship. I like being spanked. You like spanking me. It makes as much sense as threatening to punish me with a backrub or a trip to Disneyland.”
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  1. I can't wait to read this one Etta! Thanks for the plug by the way :) Great snippet!

  2. I can't wait for this one! And I love the snippet... these are my thoughts exactly, right?

  3. The woman makes an excellent point. I've very curious as to what his answer is to this.

  4. I'm right with Kirsty on this too :D

  5. Oh it sounds like Kirsty is about to find out the difference between a punishment and pleasure spanking.

  6. Fair point, but I suspect what he has in mind bears little resemblance to a trip to Disneyland. Very enticing snippet

  7. Good point, but I suspect she's going to find out there is a difference!