Thursday, 9 October 2014

New Release! Lord Westbrook's Muse

Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen! My much anticipated (by me at least) new book, Lord Westbrook's Muse has hit the e-bookshelves and is available to purchase from all your favourite retailers. (Providing that your favourite retailers are on the list below. If your favourite retailer is Pet Depot, I can't really help you.)

The book's hero, Lord Westbrook was first introduced in my book Lady Westbrook's Discovery as the elder of Lady Westbrook's two grown-up sons. There, he mostly just turns up to disapprove of his mother's marriage to a much younger man.

He needed his own story, I decided. This grumpy, good-looking Lord of the Manor needed the love of a good woman.

Enter Cass, a free-spirited social reformer who is perfect for him in every way - not least because she appreciates being on the receiving end of a spanking as much as Robert enjoys administering one. But things are never that straightforward. She hiding secrets which are about to catch up with them both.

In the snippet below, Robert and Cass share a playful moment before everything gets complicated.
The following night, they lay together in the bed in the gardener’s cottage – post coital and both entirely satisfied.

Robert lay beside Cass who was propped up on her side. He ran his hand over her breasts relishing the feeling of her smooth skin beneath his touch.

“I never know what to call you,” Cass said.
“You should call me your Lord and Master,” Robert replied tweaking her nipple.

“Ouch! I want to call you Robert.”


Cass’s expression was first hurt and then turned mischievous. “What about Bob?”
He drew his hand back behind her and landed a sharp smack on her backside.

“Bobby? Rob? Rab?”

Three more smacks. “No.”

“Do you have a middle name?” she asked.

“My middle names are Ernest Stephen Louis. You are not permitted to call me any of those.”

“What about just plain Westbrook? Can I at least drop the honorifics?” Cass asked, moving her hand to shield her bottom.

Robert removed her hands but did not deliver any more spanks. “Hmm. That might be acceptable,” he said.

“Or Brook?”“What?”

“Short for Westbrook.”

Another smack. “No.”

“So I suppose West wouldn’t be acceptable either?” she said.

“Actually, I rather like that. You can call me West. Unless you’re in trouble, in which case you will refer to me as ‘My Lord’.”

“Am I in trouble now?” she asked.

Robert rolled Cass onto her front and sat astride her. He delivered half a dozen more smacks. “No, you’re not in trouble now.”

She turned her head to look at him. She was pouting. It was adorable. “And yet I still get spanked?” she said.

“Call this a spanking?” Robert said. “This is barely anything. Believe me, if you deserve it, you will get far worse than this. Bad girls get much harsher spankings.”

“So, I’m a good girl am I, West?”

“Oh, yes,” he breathed.

“And what do good girls get?”

He pushed her up onto her knees, leveraging her legs apart with his knees. The top of her body pressed against the bed, her slightly reddened bottom was raised in the air and her moist sex was gloriously on display. He pushed his fingers into her glistening folds and gently rubbed her clitoris. “Good girls get whatever they want,” he said softly before entering her for the second time that night.

So go buy your copy now! Or, later. You know, whenever it's convenient really. But soon. You'll like it.

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  1. Yay, Congratulations. So glad the grumpy lord got the love of a good woman :D
    Look forward to it