Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Interview with Corbin Bend's Thianna D

I’m really pleased to have the lovely Thianna D on my blog today. Thianna is the author of Chemistry of Attraction and is the founder and the brains behind the hugely successful Corbin’s Bend series. Which makes her pretty much the closest thing the real world has to Brent Carmichael.

Utterly delightful 'Chemistry of Attraction' -the first book in the new Corbin's Bend series

Etta: So, now that Season 2 of Corbin’s Bend is underway, how do you feel about it? Are you pleased with the way things are going?

Thianna: Yes, I am. 7 of the manuscripts are in and have either been edited or are in editing right now. We have a strong line up and some pretty kick-ass authors – you included (Aw, thank you. I don't think I've ever been described as 'kickass' before - Etta)

Etta: How did the idea for the series come about? Has it turned out like you imagined it?

Thianna: When I started writing Finding Their Bliss, the first book in the series, I did what I normally do – I put pen to paper and let the story take shape. (I’m a pantser, plotting kills my muse). Half way through I saw the full scope of the community and knew it had the possibility to be a wonderful series. And I just knew if we could make it multi-authored it would be even better. 
In every community there will be people you like, people you don’t like, and people you just walk by without noticing. There is a different feel to the place depending on who you are hanging around with. Corbin’s Bend is like that with all the amazing authors we have pitching in. Each one has added to the series in an amazing way.

Etta: If Corbin’s Bend was a real place, would you move there? What aspects of Corbin’s Bend life do you think would be the best? What would be the most difficult to get used to?

Thianna: I already consider Corbin’s Bend home. LOL. Seriously. If it was real, I would do anything to move there. It’s kind of the pinnacle of a dream community for me: domestic discipline, spanking, and yes, the discipline board included. As for the most difficult to get used to… For me, I think it would be the fact it is a family community. I’d probably be happiest if it was adults only

Etta: You’ve now written about four different couples in Corbin’s Bend. Brent and Charmagne in Finding Their Bliss, Matt and Julie in Where They Both Belong, Trevor and Brittany in the short story Eau de Guilt and now Brandon and Dina in Chemistry of Attraction. Which characters are you most fond of? Or is it mean to make you play favourites? 

Thianna: LOL We won’t tell ;) Actually, it isn’t difficult at all to choose my favorite characters in Corbin’s Bend. Only one is a major character: Brent Carmichael. I adore the man. To me, he’s like the perfect alpha male. But I also have real soft spots for Jonathon Travers and his partner Benjamin Steppings. I would LOVE to be their neighbor.

Brent Carmichael. Thianna luuuurves him.

Etta: What’s next for Corbin’s Bend? Will there be a Corbin’s Bend Season 3? A TV Series? A theme park?

Thianna OOOH! I’m so down with the theme park – though I don’t think we’ll mention the rides! There will be a Season three – it’s being worked on now, actually. Would I love to see it as a television series? Yes! Oh, I can definitely see it as a series – done well! – with all of our amazing characters. I would actually buy a television to watch! Or semi-demand, beg, whatever to get the DVD to watch on my computer 

Etta: Next, as Chemistry of Attraction is the first book in the new season, I want you to spill the beans on some of your firsts.

First movie you remember going to see? 
Ummm. The first one I remember was a horrible documentary movie about Noah’s ark at a drive-in theatre. I think I slept through most of it, though my parents and sister seemed to like it.

First thing you do after waking up?
– I do two things every morning: oil pulling and go to the gym. Better than caffeine to wake me up.

First meal you learnt how to cook? 
*snort* Okay, I’ll tell you the good and the bad. My first meal was in my teens. Mom left it for me to cook for me and my dad since she and my sister were out of town. I figured if it took 2 hours to cook at 350, then at 500, it should cook in less than an hour. Not surprisingly, it was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. The first meal that worked out was in college – spaghetti marina - and I remember when I told my mother that my roommates were all impressed with my cooking skills and her reaction was “you cook?”

Thianna in the kitchen.

First thing you’d grab if your house was on fire?
My keys. I was in a burning apartment building once. After you’ve been through that, you realize that nothing matters except getting the living creatures out. That’s all. Everything else can be replaced.
Andy Gibb. He's a woman's man. No time to talk.

First holiday you took without your parents (or other adult supervision)? 
I went to Tijuana and San Diego when I was 18. I don’t remember a lot, but I do remember getting lost in TJ. In San Diego, I lost one of my sandals to the ocean and walked around the rest of the day in one bare foot because I couldn’t afford to buy new shoes. On the way back to our college, one of the other students had to take my money to buy my dinner – cause no shoes, no service.

First crush you had on a celebrity or fictional character? 
Oh dear – Andy Gibb. I had the hots for the man and when he died, I cried for like 3 days. I’ve also had crushes on several Earls from Barbara Cartland novels and several greek gods from Harlequin novels in my youth.

Now that I’m older? I’m holding out for my own Brent Carmichael. Where is he? : )

Chemistry of Attraction - the first book of the new Corbin's Bend series is out now. Check out my fairly excitable review of it here.

And if you haven't already bought it - and why on earth wouldn't you have yet? - it's available from all the below places.


  1. Etta! I adore you. I really do! I don't think I can stop looking at Andy's pic. Nope. Can't do it.

    And how did you get that pic of me in the kitchen. It was supposed to be a secret ;)

  2. I admit, the thought has crossed my mind several times that CB would make an amazing TV series :) That was a great interview Thianna and Etta! Very fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the interview! Love the series. Love the Andy Gibb shot...sort of.