Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hobnobbing with Renee Rose

I was a special guest over on Renee Rose's blog today which was, of course, tremendously exciting.

If you haven't read the question and answer session between Renee and me over there, you should nip over and check it out straightaway. She asks all kinds of challenging questions about writing and feminism and my latest book Lord Westbrook's Muse and I do my level best to answer them.

Look it's me! On Renee Actual Rose's website! OMG!

I am - as anybody who has read this blog for more than five minutes has probably worked out - a huge fan of Renee Rose. Discovering her books was literally life-changing in fact. I had no idea that there was a world of erotic spanking romance that was so well written and utterly engaging. I devoured all Renee's books and quickly discovered a whole bunch of other amazing and perfectly kinky authors like Maren Smith and Annabel Joseph. Within six months of reading my first Renee Rose book, I had decided that this was something that I wanted to be part of and started my first book, His Lordship's Apprentice.

Sometimes to step back and realise quite how well that particular plan has come together. I feel quite at home amongst the proper spanking romance writers now. In fact, given that I have three books published and a fourth coming out in December, I may even be a proper spanking romance writer myself now.

I mean, if I'm hobnobbing with the likes of Renee Rose, it's probably going OK.

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