Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Summer Spanks Prizewinners!

It's the End of End of Summer Spanks!

The lucky prizewinners (who must know who they are by now given that I'm probably the last person to post this) are:

Kindle or Nook from Blushing Books - Kristin Brio!
$25 Gift Certificate to Amazon from Stormy Night Publications - Megan Michaels!
$25 Gift Certificate to Amazon from Baronet Press – Sarah Young!
One month membership to Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking - Adaline Raine!
Hand made paddle from Blondie’s Place - Jule Kijek!
$25 Gift Certificate to Amazon from Wizards in Publishing - Alice Gottschall!
You can have it all package by Variant Books – Jolynn Raymond!
Six month membership to Discipline & Desire - Leigh Smith!
$25 GC from Jolynn Raymond - Holla Dean!
An ebook package from LearningDD - Cat Trouble!
Ebook Cover Design & Matching Facebook Cover Picture from Kandes Pixels - Roz in His Hands!

And the lucky, lucky winner of the awesome Etta Stark mug (which I expect she will cherish for all time and then pass on to her grandchildren as a family heirloom) is...

Holla Dean

Congratulations, Holla! Hey, I just realised that you also won one of the grand prizes up there. You made out like a bandit this bloghop. Well done you!

This is pretty much Holla's life right now.

Thank you so much Spanking Romance Reviews and Saturday Spankings for organising this! 

Summer has now officially left the building.


  1. Yes! I did make out like a bandit and am gloating big time over it. In addition to your exquisite mug and one of the grand prizes, I also won a GC from Trent Evans! Gloating even more! I've never been so lucky in my entire life.
    Do you think it would be excessive gloating if I wrote a blog post about it? Or might some see it as rubbing it in?
    Laughs evilly and rubs hands together. Thanks again, Etta!

  2. I think Holla you should take the money and run....oh wait...what are we talking about here? Prizes. Aha. And a pretty Etta mug oh and even more prizes! Yey for you!!!! :)

    Etta: You make me laugh so hard I snort...

    1. I wasn't too smart on this blog hop. I bought a ton of books and I should have waited to see if I won anything! Oh well, now I'll just have even more books in my growing TBR pile.