Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saturday Spankings - "Would you punish me in that manner if we were married?"

This week's Saturday Spanking is going to be a hastily cobbled together affair  due to the fact that I might have accidentally gone out this evening and got drunk on Pernod-based cocktails.

This week's excerpt follows on from the previous weeks'. Lady Westbrook's first spanking is over. What now?

Margaret pushed herself up from the desk. Her hair was in disarray and her face was flushed pink. Her hands instinctively went to her bottom in an attempt to temper the pain. 
She looked up at Mr Oliver and was initially surprised to see that his expression was one of anxiety. Of course, she thought, this was a test, after all. He wants to know that he has passed. 
“So,” she said, her voice wavering and shaky despite her best efforts to control it. “You would punish me in that manner if we were married?” 
“Yes. If we both agreed that you deserved it.” 
Margaret took Felix Oliver’s hands in hers. “Well then. I hope that you do not find it necessary to punish me too often.”

Not coming up with a caption this week. Will use any spare time for sleep instead.


  1. I bet it will happen more than she might imagine.

  2. Where have I heard that line before? The response too.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, Etta! Read it a while back, might need to dig in the back of the Kindle and revisit.

    1. Thanks, Helen! I have written a second book now which features Margaret's grumpy eldest son, the current Lord Westbrook. I don't have a release date yet, though.

  4. Enjoyable. I like her personality.

  5. I bet it happens more often than she thinks!!