Saturday, 21 June 2014

Saturday Spankings - Across The Desk

I am taking a day off from the A-Z Spanking Blog Challenge because I missed a day earlier in the week and now my days are all out of whack. But it will resume tomorrow with T is for a Taste of Loving Discipline - the new book from Abigail Armani.

For Saturday Spankings, I am carrying on from where I left off on my "G is for Go and buy my new book now, Go on" post earlier this month.

It's from my book Lady Westbrook's Discovery. Felix Oliver has just proposed to Lady Margaret Westbrook who is fifteen years older than him. Knowing that Mr Oliver intends to spank her when necessary once they are married, she has requested that he give her a spanking now by way of a demonstration so that she might know what she is letting herself in for. They have repaired to her writing room...

Mr Oliver moved some of the items which were on Margaret’s desk to one side so that there was an expanse of empty space in the middle. He picked up a wooden ruler and smacked it ominously against his other hand. 
“Lean over the desk,” he instructed her. “Stretch right across so that your hands are holding on to the far edge.” 
Margaret did as she was directed. Her arms and head rested on the desk below the level of her bottom which was raised in the air as though for inspection.

She wondered what would happen if she refused to submit. Curiously, she found that she didn’t want to find out. As terrified as she was at the thought of a spanking, she was determined to go through with it.
Grab your copy now!
(Metaphorically of course, it is an e-book)

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  1. Of course she is going to go through with it, one way or the other.

  2. Love a determined girl! PJ

  3. I loved that scene! Lady Westbrook is a wonderful character. This was a really fun and really hot book.

  4. Curiosity killed the cat, I think it's going to give this one a red backside.

  5. I wonder what her reaction will be... Great snippet Etta :)

  6. I love that she has a writing room, and what a way to use it!