Friday, 11 April 2014

When Movie Posters Lie About Spanking

Yesterday I complained loud and long about John Wayne's use of a coal shovel as a spanking implement in McLintock. And you know what? I'm clearly not the only person who doesn't associate coal shovels with sexy, spanking action.

Below is the original theatrical poster for McLintock. Notice anything missing?

Here's the same scene from the movie for comparison:

Hmm. You know, not only did they willfully mislead the general public about the amount of hand spanking contained within the movie, they kind of made a mess of the artwork as well.

What's up with John Wayne's arm? I get that they had to change it from being bent forward to being raised back, and that foreshortening is a tricky thing, but seriously the designer seems to have no clue how arms actually work. It looks like it's erupting alien-style from halfway down his body.

So, 1960's theatrical posters, you just can't trust 'em apparently. Consider this a Public Service Announcement.


  1. Ohhh, there is a picture from publicity for a Shirley Temple movie, Kiss and Tell, where she is across the leading man's lap and he looks like he's spanking her with a hair brush, I think I read somewhere that it was on some one the movie posters, but there is actually no spanking in the movie.
    I found a link to it:
    Damn false advertisement!

  2. I absolutely agree that a coal shovel is not an appropriate spanking remedy, and in McLintock it is used twice - one on the daughter and obe on the mother. However, the poster can be excused because Wayne starts spanking his estranged wife with his hand, but his daughter's fiancé gives him the coal shovel to use on his wife's bottom. It is the same coal shovel that the young man (wayne junior) used on Stephanie Power's behind earlier, after Wayne had estimated that she would not benefit from a spanking on her dress withour some kind of implement. And both spankings had a good effetct after all - the first one made the daughter realize she loved Junior and they became engaged, and the second one made the wife realize she could not live without her husband, so after the spanking she ran after him and went home to the ranch to become husband and wife again. So two very effective spanking - both with the coaæ shovel, and both started without it.