Thursday, 3 April 2014

Spanking Romance Review - Mail Order Switch

My review of Patty Devlin's Mail Order Switch was posted yesterday on Spanking Romance Reviews. Check it out here.

Mail Order Switch is a great story featuring a teen runaway and set in the Wild West. A snippet from my review:

Her new husband, Wade is a gruff but fair man with a firm belief in physical discipline. Of course he is. I rather hoped he would be. Wade delivers the first spanking within hours of marrying his new bride. Given Liz’s inevitable tendency to lie – and lie badly – coupled with her preponderance to run away the moment she feels stressed, Wade has plenty to reasons to spank her subsequently on numerous occasions. And each time, within the story, it feels deserved. 

A review of the book's sort-of sequel, The Chicagoan Switch by Celeste Jones was featured a couple of days before mine. Because they like to mess with chronology at Spanking Romance Review. It's just like a Quentin Tarantino movie over there. Or that film with Guy Pearce and the tattoos.

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