Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spanking Romance Review - Emmaline's Groom

I forgot to mention this last week, but I donned my flamboyant reviewer's hat again for Spanking Romance Review and reviewed the fantastic new book my Casey McKay, Emmaline's Groom

You can probably guess from my gushing enthusiasm at the start of this review how much I enjoyed this one. I had a massive smile on my face most of the time when I was reading it. The setup and characterisation are perfect and the two leads are just lovely.

Classy cover, too

Here's a little snippet of my review. Check out the whole thing here.
Casey McKay’s Emmaline’s Groom ticks every single one of my spanking preference boxes and does so with great style. It’s fantastic. I feel like I have I have just acquired my very own bespoke romance writer catering specially to my own personal requirements. 
Although to be fair, I’m probably far from being the only person likely to be enchanted by Emmaline and Leo’s story.

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