Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saturday Spankings - Snippet from my forthcoming book

Happy Easter! This Saturday Spanking is being posted far later in the day that it should be. Somehow, due to the Easter weekend, I had completely lost track of what day it was.

As I mentioned last week, I have almost finished my second book. I am going through it now, filling in the bits where I've left place markers like [man's name] and [mention that thing from earlier] and trying to bash any painfully clumsily constructed sentences into shape.

The story is tentatively called 'Like the Lightning' but may well change before publication because I suspect I'm not very good at titles.

It's set in 1870 and is about a forty-one year old widow called Margaret who has spent the last 10 years since her husbands death doing pretty much what she wanted. She has two grown-up sons and no interest in re-marrying until she meets attractive and brilliant scientist, Felix Oliver who becomes captivated with her. Marrying him will mean a drop in status as well as risking scandal in society given that Felix is only 26 years old - not much older than her sons. There's also the matter of spanking. Felix tells her at their first meeting that he believes women should be disciplined and that he would spank his wife.

The following snippet takes place just after Felix has proposed to Margaret. She is stil weighing up all the options.

“Would you beat me if we were married?” she said.
“What?” Whatever he had been expecting her to say next, it wasn’t that.
“The first time we met, you told me that you thought it a good idea for men to spank their wives. You said that if I were your wife, you would spank me.”
“I haven’t forgotten.”
“Of course I thought you were speaking entirely rhetorically at the time. It’s funny how things turn out. So, tell me, would you expect physical discipline to be part of our marriage?"
Felix spoke quietly but without hesitation. “Yes I would.”
“Very well. Then before I can decide whether or not to accept your proposal, I need to understand precisely what I am letting myself in for.”
“You want to be spanked?"
“I need to know what to expect if you decide to punish me. I think the only way for me to ascertain that would be for you to carry out such a punishment this evening.”
Felix’s heart hammered in his ribcage. She had laid down a challenge and he was damned well going to be man enough to accept it.

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  1. Intriguing - and I guess we just have to enjoy the anticipation for a bit, huh.

  2. positively intriguing, Etta! I'm sure you'll pound this into an even more wonderful story :D

  3. Sounds wonderful. And I think the fact that she is 15 tears older than he is great. It looks like they will have a mutually satisfying relationship.

  4. I very much like her style. And she is absolutely correct. Not something to agree to without having first experienced it.

  5. A pre-maritial spanking... how divine and how creative... I can see her with her friends later, Have you slept with him?, -No, well, has he spanked you? - oh God, yes"... love Felix's hammering heart...

  6. And "he was going to be damn well man enough to accept the challenge"--very nice!!