Sunday, 20 April 2014

His Lordship's Apprentice gets reviewed on Spanking Romance Reviews

I've done a few reviews for Spanking Romance Reviews lately. Most recently Casey McKay's Emmaline's Groom which I raved about like a starstruck fangirl. Seriously, I'm like one step away from stalking the woman like an obsessed One Direction fan.

Because the only true way to appreciate art is to totally lose your shit.
So I am genuinely excited and pleased that Casey has reviewed my book His Lordship's Apprentice for Spanking Romance Reviews and that she actually seemed to rather like it.

Check out the nice things she said:

I really enjoyed this endearing story about a woman who is down on her luck and ends up having her dreams come true. Etta Stark shows a promising start with her first book. The characters were very believable and Lord Hardcastle and Violet have a chemistry between them from the very beginning

I may stitch her above words into a sampler. Or possibly have them tattooed across my lower back. (There's a lot of space there actually, I could probably fit in the whole review.)

Check out the whole thing here!


  1. You're the cutest! I loved the book :) You write a good spanking romance, girl! And you can stalk me anytime, crazily enough I do not have enough stalkers...

  2. congratulations, Etta!
    Hehe, that made me smile. Loved the pic too!!